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Achieve the pinnacle of SERP rankings for your business web page with the expertise of the best SEO Expert in Bangladesh. Employing cutting-edge digital marketing trends, I will amplify your online visibility and substantially boost website traffic. Drawing from extensive experience as an SEO expert and leveraging exceptional marketing skills, I will optimize your website content to maximize revenue generation. Trust me to propel your online presence to new heights and yield tangible results.

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RH RazuYour SEO Growth Consultant

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The Best SEO Expert in Bangladesh

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Is your website facingthese issues?

Throughout my career, I've had the privilege of collaborating with a diverse range of customers and clients. Over the course of managing my SEO agency, I've discerned commonalities in the pitfalls that lead to the failure of most websites. Irrespective of your investment in SEO endeavors, if you're grappling with these issues, your marketing team and sales department may find their efforts hindered.

To safeguard my clients from these challenges, I meticulously triple-check all on-page SEO optimizations before hitting "publish." Within the initial month of our partnership, I conduct a comprehensive website audit to identify and address potential toxic backlinks that could pose future complications. Combining these steps with my extensive expertise ensures consistent delivery of exceptional outcomes for our clients.

Website underperformance often boils down to just two culprits:

Inadequate on-page SEO

Concealed, harmful backlinks

My Commitment toBD Businessesthrough Effective SEO Strategies

Here's my ASSURANCE to you.

I'm so convinced of my team's abilities that I'm willing to stake our reputation to showcase our prowess in enhancing your SEO presence. Collaborate with me and my team of SEO experts at RHRazu. If your search rankings haven't shown improvement within 90 days, I'm prepared to provide a complete refund.

It's that straightforward – no complex queries, no escape clauses, and absolutely no dubious techniques. My approach is all about transparency.

Furthermore, I'm not aware of any other SEO consultants in Bangladesh who extend the same promise. Many digital marketing firms and local SEO consultants shy away from such commitments due to a lack of confidence in delivering guaranteed results. Our in-house SEO team at RHRazu is undoubtedly confident. Interestingly, despite offering this promise to our clients from the start, we've never worked for free!

Ready to engage with the most trustworthy SEO consultant in Bangladesh? Reach out to me and my team today.

Why you needSEO ConsultancyServices From An Expert?

At RHRazu, we believe in complete transparency in our SEO approach. We're dedicated to elucidating our search engine optimization process, leaving no room for ambiguity in our strategies.

To kick-start the journey, simply tap the 'Contact Us' button to schedule your initial consultation with a seasoned SEO consultant. During this brief interaction, we'll delve into your business objectives, current digital marketing tactics, aspirations, and preferred keywords for ranking. This conversation is of paramount importance as it enables us to grasp your business nuances and devise a keyword strategy that aligns seamlessly. Remember, the choice of keywords can significantly influence the outcome of your campaign.

Following this preliminary discussion with our team of SEO specialists, we'll proceed to the next step – a subsequent meeting or call. In this phase, I'll personally guide you through our recommendations. Here, I promise complete candor. I'll offer a candid assessment of the optimal plan to elevate your rankings, detail how we intend to assist you in achieving your objectives, and present the array of SEO services we'll provide to secure your business's presence on the first page of search results.

Get ready to embark on a journey towards enhanced visibility with RHRazu, where honesty, strategy, and results converge. Contact us now to take the first step.

What can we cover in theconsultation?

ROI & GOALFocused


We alleviate the burden of establishing your online presence, enabling you to concentrate on your core strength: managing your business effectively.

Full SUITE of Audits

Keyword Research

Competitor Analysis

Campaign Strategy

Full SEO Package

On-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO

Technical SEO

Our Process

How RH RazuWorks

By following this streamlined process, RH Razu ensures a personalized approach to each client, leading to successful collaborations and long-lasting business growth.


Start A New Project

Based on the consultation and analysis, we will propose a tailored solution to meet your specific goals.
Upon your approval, we will kickstart the project, implementing strategic SEO techniques and digital marketing strategies to boost your online visibility and drive results.

Why should you take mySEO consultancy?

With several years of experience in the industry, I have been delivering top-notch SEO services in Bangladesh. Utilizing my extensive expertise and diverse skill set, I ensure the provision of the finest SEO solutions for your business. Collaborating with a team of proficient SEO specialists, we collectively work on projects to drive exceptional results for our clients.

Experience increased ROI through my effective SEO services.

Elevate your online visibility and searchability with my advanced SEO strategies.

Stay ahead of the competition with my white hat SEO services.

Witness a surge in website traffic as I drive more visitors to your business website.

Tailored specifically for both small and large-scale companies, my local SEO tactics yield outstanding results.

Rest assured, I will boost your website's current ranking significantly.

Benefits of Hiring an SEO Expertin BD

Enhanced Search Engine Rankings

An SEO expert will employ proven strategies to improve your website’s visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs), driving more organic traffic.

Increased Website Traffic

With targeted optimization techniques, an expert can attract a higher volume of relevant visitors to your site, increasing the chances of conversions.

Tailored Marketing Strategies

An SEO expert can develop customized strategies based on your business goals and target audience, ensuring maximum effectiveness.

Improved User Experience

SEO experts focus on creating user-friendly websites with easy navigation and faster loading times, resulting in a better overall user experience.


Compared to traditional advertising methods, SEO offers a cost-effective approach to generate long-term results and a higher return on investment.

Stay Ahead of Competitors

With up-to-date knowledge of search engine algorithms, an expert can keep your website ahead of competitors in search rankings.

Analytical Insights

SEO experts analyze website performance and user behavior, providing valuable data to refine strategies and drive continuous improvement.

Local SEO Advantage

For businesses targeting local customers, an SEO expert can optimize your website for local searches, attracting more relevant leads from your area.

Focus on Core Business

By outsourcing your SEO needs to an expert, you can concentrate on your core business operations while leaving the technical aspects of SEO to the professionals.

Reputation Management

SEO experts can help manage your online reputation, ensuring positive brand perception and addressing any negative feedback effectively.

RH RazuThe Best SEO specialist in Bangladesh with 100% score

Hi there! I'm RH Razu, your dedicated SEO expert, committed to following the latest Google guidelines in my strategies.

My journey to becoming an SEO specialist began with extensive research on achieving flawless source code. Presently, I employ cutting-edge SEO techniques, including Page Speed improvement, CLS issue fixes (Core Web Vitals), and optimizations for accessibility and crawling.

If you aim to enhance your website's speed, eliminate errors, and implement the best SEO practices, I'm the knowledgeable SEO specialist you need.

Check out my impeccable 100% score on Google's Pagespeed Insights, the ultimate tool for auditing SEO performance. Use it to assess your website's potential for improvement. Let's elevate your online presence together!

“If you’re looking for a dependable and results-oriented SEO expert, look no further than RHRazu. He will undoubtedly exceed your expectations and take your business to new heights.”

Why chooseRH Razu,the best SEO Specialist in Bangladesh?

As a seasoned Google SEO expert in Bangladesh, I possess extensive knowledge of Google BD and local SEO ranking techniques. Rest assured, I can effectively rank your business on Google Maps, even with minimal reviews.

When seeking a BD SEO specialist for your BD-based business, it is crucial to ensure they rank well on Google for relevant BD SEO keywords, such as "SEO expert BD."

Keep in mind that search results vary based on the location and the Google domain used, be it .com or .com.bd. Hiring a BD-based SEO consultant unaware of this distinction can lead to disappointing results. Opting for a Bangladesh-based search engine optimization consultant, focused on Google.com.bd, will help your BD business thrive in the local market.

I'm proud to be recognized as one of the leading SEO experts in Bangladesh, with a strong focus on increasing Google rankings for Google. By booking my expert SEO service, you can surpass your competitors and witness substantial business growth. I've achieved page #1 rankings on Google for numerous SEO-related keywords in Bangladesh and I'm here to help your website achieve the same success. Let's work together to elevate your online presence and boost your business.

I prioritize transparency with my clients, discussing all aspects that will be implemented on their websites.

SEO service in Bangladesh is essential for Bangladeshi companies, and I offer the best SEO services with years of experience in the sector.

My approach goes beyond improving search engine rankings; I focus on enhancing my client's overall business performance by delivering value rather than just aiming for monetary gains.

SEO is not just a job for me; it's a passion that runs through my veins. I stay updated with the latest Google Algorithm updates through ongoing SEO experiments.

My actions in SEO speak louder than words, and I keep my clients informed with regular weekly or monthly reports, which help them understand the progress made through my white hat SEO strategies.

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Who is the best SEO expertin Bangladesh?

RHRazu is undoubtedly regarded as the best SEO expert in Bangladesh, boasting an impressive track record of more than 7 years in the industry. Renowned for his exceptional skills, he has guided countless clients toward achieving top positions on search engine results pages (SERPs). As an esteemed writer and trainer in the realms of SEO and digital marketing, his influence extends far and wide. Both national and international media have acknowledged his expertise, solidifying his position as a prominent figure within Bangladesh's SEO and digital marketing sphere.

Most frequent questions and answers

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of optimizing a website or online content to improve its visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs). The goal of SEO is to attract more organic traffic and enhance the website’s ranking for relevant search queries.

How SEO works?

SEO works by implementing various strategies and techniques to make a website more search engine friendly. This includes optimizing website content, meta tags, building quality backlinks, improving site speed, and ensuring a positive user experience. These efforts enable search engines to understand and rank the website higher for relevant keywords.

What are the latest SEO signals?

The latest SEO signals are constantly evolving as search engines update their algorithms. Some key factors include content relevance, mobile-friendliness, site security (HTTPS), page load speed, user engagement, and the quality and quantity of backlinks.

What can I expect from an SEO specialist?

An SEO specialist will assess your website, analyze your industry and target audience, and develop a customized SEO strategy. They will work to improve your website’s search rankings, increase organic traffic, and implement data-driven optimizations to achieve your business goals.

Who is the SEO expert in Bangladesh?

One notable SEO expert in Bangladesh is Rakibul Hasan Razu (AKA RHRazu). He is recognized for his expertise in SEO and digital marketing, contributing significantly to the industry’s growth in Bangladesh.

Who is the best white hat SEO expert in Bangladesh?

While opinions may vary, Rakibul Hasan Razu is well-regarded for his ethical and effective white hat SEO practices, making him a prominent figure in the industry.

Who is Rakibul Hasan Razu?

Rakibul Hasan Razu (AKA RHRazu) is a renowned SEO expert and digital marketing professional based in Bangladesh. He has gained recognition for his exceptional skills, extensive knowledge, and contributions to the SEO and digital marketing community in the country.

How can an SEO expert in Bangladesh help my business?

An SEO expert in Bangladesh can significantly benefit your business by increasing your website’s visibility, attracting more targeted traffic, and improving search rankings. They will employ effective strategies to enhance your online presence, boost brand credibility, and ultimately drive more leads and conversions.

How much does SEO services from an expert in Bangladesh cost?

The cost of SEO services from an expert in Bangladesh can vary depending on the scope of work, project complexity, and the expertise of the SEO specialist. It is best to discuss your specific requirements and budget with the expert to get a tailored quote.

What qualifications and skills should I look for in an SEO expert in Bangladesh?

When hiring an SEO expert in Bangladesh, look for someone with a proven track record of successful projects, up-to-date knowledge of SEO trends, and experience with various SEO tools and techniques. Strong analytical, communication, and problem-solving skills are also essential.

How long does it take to see results from SEO?

The timeline to see significant results from SEO can vary depending on factors such as industry competitiveness, current website status, and implemented SEO strategies. Generally, it may take a few months to see noticeable improvements in search rankings and organic traffic.